Maryland District Webmaster


Suggested Duties and Responsibilities:


Design, host, maintain and update the District Web Page.


Coordinate with the other Region, District, and Chapter webmasters to ensure correctness, currency, accuracy, and completeness of Maryland district and chapter information posted.


Use good judgment in text and information presented to ensure sensitivity and accuracy in all District and Chapter Web Page information and material posted.


Provide technical information and assistance to Chapter Webmasters to encourage the establishment and maintenance of Chapter Web Pages.


Keep District Director informed of information affecting the district and chapter Web Pages.


Once a year, write and forward an article on the District Webpage to the District

Newsletter Editor.


Attend and provide informational brief on the District Webpage to the Maryland District Staff at District Staff meetings.


District Event Responsibilities


  1. Ensure that District Director approved announcements; event flyers and registration forms are posted on the district web page.

  2. Attend the event and publish pictures of the last District Event on the webpage.