Maryland District Treasurer


Suggested Duties and Responsibilities:


Attend District Staff Meetings.


Maintain District financial and bank accounts:


1.   Write checks to pay district billings as approved by the District Director.


2.   Ensure that all accounts are reconciled with bank records every month, and a status of account sent email/snail mail to the District Director.


3.   Maintain all financial account records for review and reference by the District Staff.


4.   Prepare, maintain, and forward financial statements to the District Director on all District fund raising events and brief the status of funds in terms of account inflow and outflow during the respective period for briefing at District Staff meetings.


Advise the District Staff in providing prudent, reasonable and fair fiscal policies.


Provide training to all Chapter Directors and Chapter Treasurers on all GWRRA financial and responsibilities.


Writes checks to pay for expenses associated with the Maryland District.  The District

Director or Assistant District Director must authorize all expenses in excess of $100.  All checks written or bills paid must be included in the monthly financial reports.


Annual Financial Reports


1.   Advise all Chapter Directors on the requirements (frequency, due date format and content) of the Annual Chapter Financial Report. Receives Chapter Annual Financial Reports, reviews them for accuracy and continuity and forwards copies of completed Chapter Financial Reports to the District Directors for endorsement and forwarding to the Region.  Chapter reports are due to the District Director no later than December 31 of each year.

2.   Prepares and submits District Annual Financial Report to the District Director.  Reports are due no later than December 31 of each year.

3.   Maintains copies of all Chapter and District Financial Reports in the District Archives.


District Sponsored Events


1.   Receive and deposit all funds collected for WinterThing.

2.   Ensure that all checks or cash awards are receipted and ready for awarding at WinterThing.

3.   Receive and review invoices, and make payment recommendations to the District Director.

4.   At the specific direction of the District Director, pay all legitimate and approved invoices.