District Public Relations Coordinators


Suggested Duties and Responsibilities:


Originate, maintain, and advise the District Staff on matters of communications with the public to promote District events and put GWRRA Maryland District in the public's eye in a positive venue.


Establish and maintain a "points-of-contact" file for regional and local communications media.


Draft, receive, edit, and forward press releases and editorial/informational articles about GWRRA, Maryland District.


Notify and invite local/regional media for all Maryland District events.


Prepare or review all flyers, press release, or media interview material for Maryland District events (e.g., Flyers, TV or radio coverage).


Keep the District Staff informed on matters relating to Public Relations.


Advise Chapter Staffs on matters of Public Relations.


Attends Quarterly District Staff Meetings and provide status of Public Relations matters.


District Sponsored Events


  1. Coordinate the publication and distribution of advertisement and flyers.

  2. Coordinate the special invitations, confirmations, and participation.

  3. Coordinate location press releases and invitations.

  4. Oversee and compile an event program/advertising book.