Maryland District Newsletter Editor


Suggested Duties and Responsibilities:


Maintain and update District Newsletter Template as required.


Maintain and update District Newsletter mailing lists.


Maintain and update District Newsletter Archive


Monthly District Newsletter


1.   Send a reminder to District Support Staff of due dates for their submission of monthly articles.

2.   Compile and edit District Newsletter, utilizing editorial "license" to ensure only positive and appropriate copy is published in the District Newsletter.  Maintain consistency with GWRRA standards of political and religious neutrality in all articles. When in doubt, consult with the District Director (In short, only "clean" laundry need be hung on the District clothesline.).

3.   Ensure copies of District event flyers are enclosed in the monthly newsletters.

4.   Distribute monthly to the District Support Staff, District Operations Staff, all other Northeast Region District Directors, the Region Director, and the Executive Director. Electronic distribution is preferred, however when electronic means are not possible, a hard copy should be mailed.  Distribution date is the 30th of the month preceding the month of the newsletter (e.g. January's newsletter should be compiled and distributed no later than the 30th of December).

5.   Ensure an e-copy of the District Newsletter is forwarded to the District Webmaster for posting on the District Web Page.