Maryland District Membership Division Coordinators


Suggested Duties and Responsibilities:


Function as the Maryland District Membership Division Coordinator for Recruiting and Retention.


Sort Area Report (List of all GWRRA members in the Maryland District) by chapter and distribute the monthly Membership Area Reports to all Maryland Chapter Directors and Chapter MECs and make request to:


1.Check Area Report for accuracy of members and member data as shown.(Make any necessary corrections to the Area Report by completing the appropriate form and return completed forms to the Region Membership Coordinator within 30 days).Required forms are found in the GWRRA Officerís Guidebook.


2.Within 60 days of expiration of memberships as listed on the Area Report, send an e-mail to the associated Chapter CDs and MECs and request them to make contact (post card preferred) with these members to remind them to renew their membership.Advise them that they may renew their memberships on the web


3.For those members as listed on the Area Report whose memberships have expired, send an e-mail to the associated Chapter CDs and MECs and request that they do the following:


a.†††† Contact the member personally and inquire as to the reason(s) he/she has allowed the GWRRA membership to lapse.


b.†††† Report their finding via e-mail to the Maryland District MED.


4.Collate the Chapter Directorís and Chapter MECs responses and provide the Maryland District Director with trend data on lost members.


5.Verify data on the next Area Report received.


6.Update the Maryland District Director and the Maryland District Operations Staff by monthly e-mail communication of recruiting, retention and loss status.


Within 10 days of receipt of the District Hot Lists (List of new GWRRA members in Maryland District), sort the Hot List by Chapter and distribute the prepared list to all Maryland Chapter Directors and Chapter MECs.


1.Request the Chapter CDs and MECs to personally contact the new member and invite him/her to their next Chapter gathering giving all necessary information such as time and location, etc.


2.Send a welcome letter to all new Maryland GWRRA members listed on the Hot List.Introduce the Maryland District, you as the Maryland District Membership Division Coordinator, the Maryland District Director and Assistant Directors and Staff.Invite the member by pointing him/her to the closest Chapter to the new memberís home address.Inform the new member of the GWRRA web page, the nearest Chapter web page and e-mail address of the nearest Chapter Director or MEC.Invite the new member to contact the Chapter Director with any questions he/she may have.


3.Request feedback from the Chapter Directors and MECs on new members referred.


4.Provide guidance (training) to Chapter Directors and MECs in matters of membership enhancement, recruiting and retention and be open to receive such information from the Chapter which may be useful in distribution to other Chapters to enhance retention and recruitment throughout the Maryland District.