Maryland District Assistant Director


Suggested Duties and Responsibilities:


Works with District Director to direct and oversee the Maryland District as suggested in the GWRRA Officer’s Guidebook.  In the absence or non-availability of the District Director, you are delegated the authority of the District Director in all district mattes, as provided for in the GWRRA Officer’s Guidebook.  Exercise good judgment and leadership in all matters before you, and at all times keep the best interests of the members in all your decisions.


Work with the Maryland District Chapter Directors and keep the District Director apprised of the various chapter programs and events, as well as the status for the Chapters’ overall well-being COY Program status, and as requested by the District COY Coordinators provides quarterly briefings at the District Staff meeting.


Assist the District Director by providing direct liaison and assistance to the Chapter Director in preparing, coordinating, and transmitting all required Director, Region, and International Reports and paperwork.


Make frequent personal visits to Maryland Chapters’ gatherings and fundraisers, showing district staff support for the chapters and providing an “open ear” to all members.


Receive, analyze, and report all information (positive and negative) to the District Director to better enable him/her to understand and take appropriate action in a timely manner.


At all times, provide positive motivational reinforcement to all Maryland District Officers and refrain from “shooting the messenger”.


District Sponsored Events


  1. Promote and attend all District-sponsored meeting and events.

  2. Form and work with committees to plan, schedule, and administrative events planning as well as conducting the event itself.

  3. Work with the District Logistics Coordinator and other District Staff officers to identify events needs, determine budget availability, and determine how to best meet the needs and stay within budget.

  4. Determine, suggest, and effect alternative district FUN, and fund raising opportunities.